4 Months Later…

I don’t even know how four months have passed but they have and now we’re here!

During my hiatus and potentially one of the reasons I disappeared like I did, I 100% dropped the ball on money management. I can barely recognise the person who wrote all those blog posts, she was so organised, so thoughtful, so careful. I’m trying to find her again.

Sometimes I find myself feeling conflicted when it comes to money management. Most of the time, I think saving is essential, it’s a constant top goal because a house isn’t going to buy itself, right? Then occasionally, I think what’s the point, what’s a few hundred pounds a month going to do (especially in this London city?!), why do I want a house, I just want the shoes so I should just get the shoes, right? I don’t think this is uncommon or that I should feel overly bad about it. I’m still young and sometimes my motivation wanes.

So now that I’ve had a little dip, I’m ready to get back on it. And despite home ownership still being so far-fetched for me, I do still believe savings in general are important and what’s even more important and interesting actually, is the idea of saving smart. I read somewhere that women are more reluctant to invest in comparison to men because they are more likely to be risk-averse. To address this, there’s now a growing body of information available about investing ‘smarter’ or with less risk. My £25k annual salary won’t get me a deposit on a house anytime soon but I can start being more creative with the money I save. I think it can be a sort of distraction from the seemingly impossible house deposit I’m supposed to be saving for, but at the same time it could also allow me to continue building towards that.

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