No-spend Feb: A Review

I committed myself to this challenge to see whether I could actually do it – not spend money on clothes even though I had the money to. It wasn’t necessarily a money-saving exercise, the goal was to break the habit of buying on impulse. I don’t have to buy clothes every month even if I have the means to.

So, the month is over next week, pay day is in a few days and I can say that I did it, no-spend February, completed it mate. And it turned out not to be the hardest thing. As I expected, after the first week and a half or so, I didn’t have any huge temptations. I kept up with my browsing schedule for the most part – it’s just part of my evening routine – and that was fine too. Although I will say that I wasn’t as excited to browse as I normally would be, I did it more so out of routine than anything else. Whenever I saw something I really liked, I counted how many days it would be until I could buy it and that satisfied me enough. I thought I would end up with a huge want-list come March, but not much caught my eye and then I didn’t physically save many items so I can’t even remember what I thought I really wanted. Literally, this is what people mean by fast fashion, throw away culture.

In my first no-spend post, I spoke about how I’d stopped spending on non-fashion things since clothes just always took priority and I planned to replenish my makeup/skin care. In the end, I didn’t buy any skin care or makeup, but I did get some homeware bits. I got me a cute ramen bowl (£10) and another cereal bowl (£14) to match my current one. Both of these bowls were definitely overpriced but so pretty and as I seem to be getting them weeks and months apart it’s not like I’m spending loads all at once. Maybe next month I’ll get another ramen bowl to match my new one. I like pairs.

I also treated myself to the most expensive cinema date with myself ever. Unintentionally, I might add. It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday and not only had I decided I was going to go to watch a film, I thought it would be a great idea to walk there. Sounds simple enough but no. First of all, the film started at 2:30pm and me thinking that adverts would be like 20-30 minutes long thought I could leave at 2:15 and start my 30-minute stroll. 2:15 came and went and I ended up leaving at 2:30. Then I told myself that Google was exaggerating, and it wouldn’t actually take 30 minutes to walk there. 10 minutes into my walk I came to my senses, saw a bus stop and decided to catch the next bus. 5 minutes later with no bus in sight, I now had 10 minutes to get to the cinema and an Uber (£5) on the way. I got to the cinema (£15) at 3:00pm and was allowed in even though the film had started 5 minutes ago. I had the cheek to get me some popcorn (£4) before running to the screen room. At this point, it was 3:05pm and I had burned through £24 before I had even laid eyes on the film. 3:07 was when I entered a very dark screen 5, got my phone torch out and settled into the closest seat I could see (definitely not the one I had been assigned). The film was great! Whether it was worth over twenty English pounds, I’m not sure. I thought about that for about half an hour as I walked home.

To conclude, I will be doing no-spend months in the future. I liked how disciplined I was with it all. I enjoyed playing with my existing wardrobe and expanding my bowl collections. I will not, however be spending £25 on a single cinema trip again.

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