Unexpected, financial blows | London on £25k

A few weeks ago, the worst thing happened. My well-kept, scratch-free, screen-in-tact iPhone died a sad and unjust death. Gone way too soon. I have a squeaky-clean history of iPhone care, one that I am extremely proud of. So, you can imagine how much of a tragedy this was. The worst part of this though, was the unexpected financial blow that I took as a result.

The contract for my late iPhone ended in the early months of summer 2018, pretty timely with me moving to London soon after. And with that in mind, I decided I wouldn’t upgrade to a new phone immediately and stick to a sim-only plan of £10 instead. It meant I wouldn’t have a fat phone bill to pay each month on top of my already fat rent/bills/travel expenses. I had always wanted to buy an iPhone (I’m anti android) outright but didn’t happen to have a spare £1000 or whatever it was. I knew it was the most cost-effective way to have an iPhone, but I also knew what I had in my bank account back then and it was not four figures.

On the night my phone died, I first of all freaked out about how I was going to wake up the next morning for work. I didn’t have a real-life alarm clock because it’s 2019. But I definitely could’ve done with one that night. In my panic, I remembered I had an alarm function on my radio (apparently radios aren’t a thing people have in 2019?!) which I used for the first and probably last time that night. I slept with one eye open that night, terrified I would oversleep. It was as ridiculous as it sounds. Because of a simple phone no less. The next day, after successfully waking up on time I ended up in the Apple shop after work for approximately 3 hours to no avail, no one could fix my phone. So that was it, I officially had no phone.

When my contract ended 8 months ago, I thought I would probably be in a position to buy an iPhone outright in the summer of 2019. It was in January of 2019 when I realised God had other plans. The new iPhones still cost a small fortune, £700+ but in this genuine emergency – not like a millennial crisis, overblown and very much not the end of the world, never that – I bought a new phone. I went into my savings of which I had £1,300 and forked out the money for an iPhone X-something. I did not however pay £700+, friends, no way. I knew Apple had a deal to exchange your old phone and get money off a new one and I’d already been on the website, checked out the eligibility criteria and got a quote of £120 for my phone. I had the value of my phone re-calculated and it turned out to be worth £180! Take care of your phones boys and girls. So, after choosing the cheapest phone in the store (where they only display the most expensive ones), I spent about £500 which is still £500 I did not plan on spending that Wednesday evening, but it was for me, the best outcome in the situation.

As someone who likes to plan everything to the nth degree, I handled this better than I would’ve thought. Because I had already seriously considered buying a phone this year, I guess I had already kind of planned it. Regardless, these surprise hits are never pleasant. I absolutely did not intend on my savings being dented like that and without my savings I would’ve had to get a second-hand cheapie and got on with it. I could easily live without an iPhone X-something but I’m very grateful (to me) that I could rescue myself out of that situation fairly easily. Also, it’s an excuse to replenish my savings account, which won’t be easy but it’s a challenge I’ll enjoy.

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