Why I’m Doing No-spend February (clothes edition) | London on £25k

Yeah, so I just spend too much money on clothes unnecessarily, don’t I. I mean I spend money unnecessarily in many areas but clothes is something that I can see getting out of hand and every now and then I just need to check myself. In the past, it’s been something that I had no choice in when I literally didn’t have the money. But, this time I do have the money and I have to confess, I was struggling before I even started.

I get paid a few days before the end of the month as opposed to last day of the month, so I had a replenished account right before February began and I panicked. I came so close to bulk-buying right before February started. I literally don’t know why. Normally, I wouldn’t even buy every week, it’s more like 2/3 times a month. This response though, has made me realise how much I need to do it and I am still determined to come back at the end of the month and write about how I completed it, but also still worried I won’t make it.

A lot of people did a no-spend January and in hindsight that would’ve been the financially sensible thing to do especially after Christmas but here we are. Yes, I purposely chose the shortest month of the year to put myself to the test because I knew I’d find it difficult. A challenge is great and all, but I do believe it has to be realistic and somewhat achievable. Now 3 days into the month, I can confirm it is even harder than I thought. It’s mostly the temptation that’s the issue, I have the means to buy so I have to choose not to. In theory, the decision is easy, don’t spend and save instead but in practice… I am optimistic though, I think after the first week, the worst of it will pass, hopefully.

I’ve had to remove temptation. I religiously check new-in sections on all my favourite sites. I have a schedule (Monday and Thursday is ASOS, Tuesday is Topshop, Wednesday is H&M and Friday is Zara/ Zalando/ Weekday), which I’m quite proud of to be fair. Must stress though, I don’t always buy on those days (I haven’t made a Zara or H&M order in months). But with this ban, looking that regularly is just too torturous. I am excited to ‘shop my wardrobe’ though, that’ll be fun and hopefully distract me for most of the month.

Another thing I notice that often happens is that I no longer spend on other things because clothes always come first. Things like make-up and skin care, so that’s something I will treat myself to at some point, maybe as a half-way treat when I get there.

I would say I’m looking forward to the challenge, but I am not. I’ve already seen so many cute things on ASOS that I probably wouldn’t have been that keen on before but now need them all.

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