London on £25k

I want to continue documenting my time here in London but in this little series I also want contribute to the current conversation on money. Besides being far too interested in other people’s lives, their money and how they spend and save it, I also think it’s helpful to see different money management styles. Especially as a young adult trying to navigate bills and still holding out hope of one day buying a house in the not-so-distant future.

I don’t fully understand why people hate talking about money so much but if nothing, opening up about my own will allow me to take a magnifying glass to how I spend and maybe if I see how much of my money goes to ASOS I’ll stop shopping there? We can hope.

For some context, I come from a working-class background and spent a year working in a graduate role before moving to London. I got paid a decent salary of around £20k and spent that year living at home, with very few outgoing expenses. In theory I should have saved a lot and I could have done, was it not for a love of clothes and shoes, oops. I had big, big plans but in the end saved £2,000.

Coming from a small-ish city in the north I knew how expensive London was before I got here. I told myself I wouldn’t move down unless I managed to secure a job that paid a minimum of £25k. I have always wanted to give the big city a go but I didn’t want to live pay check to pay check unnecessarily. I could’ve happily stayed in my home city where public transport was cheap and rent could have been non-existent. But instead I chose to move to London having got a job with the exact salary I wanted and committed myself to paying about £300 for transport and then almost 3 times that for rent. More on that later.

*I appreciate people live in London on a lot less than £25k and live well, this is just the figure I wanted and what I, personally felt comfortable with.*

Anyway I plan on writing all about how I live in London as a 24 year old girl. Tune in if you’re looking to move to London too or if like me, you’re just a nosy Parker, no judgement here folks.

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