London Lessons: #1 Crying Happy

I’m crying because I’m scared, because I don’t want to leave the comfort of my home, my room, my life as I have known since I was a child.

I’m crying because I don’t know if I’ve made the right decision, whether trying something new was really what I wanted to do.

But amongst all this, I’m happy.

I’m happy to be closer to my boyfriend.

I’m happy to be in big, bad, London.

I’m happy to be ‘progressing’.

It’s going to be a weird time and my emotions are going to be get the better of me but I know I’m in an incredibly fortunate position being able to take the opportunity to be in London and be surrounded by people who love me and want nothing but the best of me. Now it’s up to me to make of this what I want.

Here we go..

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