Project W.I.B.T

I started this blog to improve my writing, to have a reason to write regularly and to express myself, my thoughts etc. I’ve wanted to write about fashion from the beginning, it was one of the topics I wanted to explore but didn’t really know how to because my knowledge of it is damn-near non-existent. I haven’t done any formal study of it, no skills or qualifications, just the fact I love clothes and styling and experimenting.

Having now realised those qualities are in fact not prerequisite to writing about what I wear, I’ve come up with a little blog series – oh la la – called ‘What I Bought Today: Fashion vs Function Shopping, which I’ll shorten to ‘What I Bought Today: F.F.S’. I’m not sure it sounds as good on virtual paper as it did in my head, but I like it and I’m going to go with it. It’s pretty self-explanatory, I’ll cover what I’ve bought, why I’ve bought to see whether I’ve been sucked in by an influencer or whether it’s more than that.

And although it will mostly be fashion-related, I also want to write about all the other things I spend my money on, again sometimes unnecessarily, sometimes because I’ve taken some time to consider before hitting ‘complete purchase’.

I’m excited about this little project of mine and am optimistic the variety will keep me interested and further encourage me to be consistent because let’s be honest I’ve been a bit shit on that front.

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