Looking back, I’m definitely realising the month of May was actually wild from start to finish. It started off as a regular, degular month, post-pay day high quickly superseded by post-pay day blues. I paid off my student overdraft and cut all my ties with my student bank account, almost two years after graduating, which was huge for me. I never needed to go into it, but I was tricked into thinking it was free money… Never again. So, after burning a small-but-temporary hole in my pocket to fill a larger ever burning hole, I felt great and that alone made my month.

Then about a week later, I passed my practical driving test! I had two awful driving lessons and the same number of breakdowns (emotional not mechanical) days before but by the grace of God plus clear, mid-day roads and never going beyond 4th gear, I DID IT! All the best drivers pass third time and that.

The third and final cherry on the May-cake was work-related. The long and short of it is that a job opportunity arose in London. For me, London has always appealed and just the thought of moving down filled me with both excitement (and dread). I made myself a small list of conditions that had to be met before I even considered leaving home and this new role meets them all and more. But even after accepting the offer, I am still so frightened. I’ve gotten very comfortable being at home but despite the million-and-one what if’s, I know in my heart of hearts, that this is an amazing opportunity.

Debt-free, pink licence holder and soon-to-be London dweller all in 31 days. WILD.

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