2017 Reading

This title is so cheeky, I waited nine whole months to read and it was on holiday AND I didn’t read anything afterwards. Titles aside, I hadn’t read for pleasure in years, so I really did enjoy reading again, both having the opportunity as well as the actual reading part. My reading included the infamous Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People about Race, internet fave Milk and Honey and a magazine I liked the look (and price) of in a book shop, Typical Girls.

For me, Reni Eddo-Lodge set out to explain the trials and tribulations of racism in all its ugly forms and the life-long struggle of not only living through it, but speaking out about it to an unreceptive, uninterested, white, British audience. The latter being the primary focus of the book. Her execution was brilliant. Having studied race-politics, I was familiar with the theoretical aspects, but I loved her blend of theory and real-life scenarios. Have recommended to all my pals.

I think I got the hype around Rupi Kaur and her poetry after reading Milk and Honey. It’s pretty raw and a million percent as deep as everyone says. I say think because something felt off. I don’t know whether the hype got my expectations way too high or maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind for the heavy themes, but I guess I was underwhelmed by it. However, I don’t feel like it’s a one-time read type of book. The next time I want to get in my feelings, Rupi will be my girl.

I remember starting my holiday reading with the magazine to ease myself into it all (lol). It was filled with loads of interesting articles about really cool people doing really cool things. The aesthetics were cute also. I went to the book shop to get a copy of the latest issue of So It Goes Magazine but Typical Girls won on that day and I’m glad it did. Maybe next time So It Goes.

I hope I read more than two books in 2018.

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