Skam: Web-Series Excellence

From the soundtrack to the style choices of each episode I don’t think there is a thing I didn’t love about this show. At a whole 22 years, I definitely don’t think I was the target audience, but that didn’t stop me from binge-watching season after season. No doubt the guys at Facebook have a ridiculously high standard to meet, I look forward to seeing them try!

The characters are intensely real; they’re young, dumb, fragile, confused, passionate and curious, exactly like I was as a teenager doing the figuring-shit-out thing. This relatability-factor is what made the show so, incredibly addictive. Every single ugly part of growing up was laid bare, never glitzy or glamourous, always raw, if not sometimes brutal. I could feel like Eva or Sana and at the same time recall the Vilde or the Even of my friends.

Of all the teen dramas I’ve watched (MANY), nothing compares. This show’s unprecedented success is down to the meticulous construction of the characters. They all got a insta follow from me, obv.

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